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Atelier MiaMia - hooded jacket baby child size 50-140 coarse knit jacket limited !! Chunky knit dusky pink teddy J21

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Dieses Produkt ist Personalisierbar(Stickerei)& Individualisierbar(Stoffwahl)
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100% handmade, suitable for premature babies

Each product is unique, limited. Unique

Customizable and Customizable Embroidery

The highest quality standards for processing, material and sustainability

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High quality

High-quality fabrics with the best processing quality, no mass-produced goods, also possible for premature babies from size 44 and smaller.

100% handmade

Each product is made by Manu with love and by hand... High quality and sustainability is our top priority!

Each product is unique

Each product is customizable, can be personalized if you have any questions, contact me via Whats app or email - I'm happy to help you -

Hooded jacket with great details

Chunky knit jacket Our meeeega nice chunky knit jacket made of 95% cotton 5% elastane and inside with a great soft cotton jersey.
Equipped with a panel, the motif can also be freely selected.

Something else? This great jacket with knit and panel can be worked with or without a motif panel.
Great jacket with many small details, looks super cute and trendy.
You can easily choose your size.
Cotton sweat, cotton jersey, cotton knit
Washing instructions:
Machine wash at 30°C, do not tumble dry and iron at low temperatures Are you looking for something special? Then I am sure that you will find what you are looking for with us. Super nice jacket comfortable, cozy and sweet as sugar. The combination of selected fabrics is perfect, there is nothing more comfortable and softer. . When choosing, you should choose the actual size of your child. You can then be sure that you can wear the jacket in several sizes. The jackets are cut very generously! Please note that our products are hand made and are made to order, it ensures that each product is unique. Furthermore, the editions are STRICTLY LIMITED to ensure that you receive a unique product that not everyone has. You are purchasing a product that is manufactured in Germany and is not a mass-produced item. You will only receive the product from us at trade fairs such as Baby World and exclusively at Amazon in a limited edition!

Buy children's jackets for every season

When it comes to children's jackets, we always come up with exciting ideas. They focus on a fashionable, but also infantile design.

Cute patterns and floral patterns, bright colors and abstract shapes are very typical for such items. In addition, you can also buy children's jackets for your offspring, which are more neutral and designed in black, blue, beige or brown.

You can buy the models depending on the season. For example, there are jackets that are suitable as overcoats and windbreakers. They effectively keep cold air out and are therefore often worn when hiking or sailing. Other children's jackets are thickly lined for the winter.

Which children's jackets are ideal for winter?

For crisp, cold temperatures in the winter months or when skiing, thickly lined children's jackets are an absolute must. You can look forward to down chambers filled with natural products. They insulate the wearer from the cold.

On the surface there is usually a coating of DWR, a synthetic material that is water-resistant. It prevents water from penetrating the body, even in snow and rain: it simply rolls off the jacket.

Winter jackets also have thick hoods. These are provided with a cuddly fur inside, which effectively keeps the head warm.

Loose outdoor jackets - the variety makes it

In addition to the thick winter jackets, you can also get loose outdoor coats for your children. These are rather thin and can be used well even on cool summer evenings.

It is important here that it is a light and at the same time warming material. It should also be breathable. Sweat must therefore be able to penetrate quickly from the inside to the outside so that the children always stay comfortably dry.

You will also find many other cool styles for the transitional season on offer.