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Atelier MiaMia - Walk - overall baby child from 50 to 110 designer walk overall brown --walk W10

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100% handmade, suitable for premature babies

Each product is unique, limited. Unique

Customizable and Customizable Embroidery

The highest quality standards for processing, material and sustainability

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High quality

High-quality fabrics with the best processing quality, no mass-produced goods, also possible for premature babies from size 44 and smaller.

100% handmade

Each product is made by Manu with love and by hand... High quality and sustainability is our top priority!

Each product is unique

Each product is customizable, can be personalized if you have any questions, contact me via Whats app or email - I'm happy to help you -

Description: Cuddly suit made from great boiled wool Trendy boiled wool overalls with a pointed hood. Water-repellent, heat-regulating and warm, just right for the cold season. A jersey is processed in the hood so that it is a little softer on the head. The overall does not have any extra fabric on the inside, so that the heat-regulating effect of the boiled wool is retained! Again, extra long cuffs to wear longer. Due to the generous chest flap, NO cold air gets to the child. Easy to put on and take off. Please note that our products are hand made and are made to order, it ensures that each product is unique. Furthermore, the editions are STRICTLY LIMITED to ensure that you receive a unique product that not everyone has. You are purchasing a product that is manufactured in Germany and is not a mass-produced item. You will only receive the product from us at trade fairs such as Baby World, in our shop and exclusively at Amazon in a limited edition! Wool washing instructions: Hand wash in lukewarm water A baby overall offers all-round protection A baby overall is an ideal piece of clothing for babies and children. Made from one piece, it can be pulled on quickly and easily and envelops your baby all around. Nothing can slip, an overall fits perfectly in any weather. Baby overalls: different colors and designs Whether it's a boy or a girl, you can quickly find a suitable baby overall because they come in many different designs. Even newborns can wear such a baby overall. When the days get a little cooler, you can grab a baby overall made of cuddly soft fleece with your feet. The material is not only pleasantly soft, but also very warm. A tiresome, thorough dressing in thick winter jackets and trousers is no longer necessary, the one-piece snow overall is quickly pulled over the normal wardrobe. The hood, which is also firmly sewn on, keeps the head, neck and ears warm, and your baby is protected from the cold all around. A baby overall is an excellent piece of clothing that is totally functional, looks good and envelops your baby. You don't lose a lot of time getting dressed and can devote yourself to more beautiful things more quickly. A baby overall is a good choice at any time of the year.